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Patio Madrigal features a greener environment than any other urban condo development in the metropolis. It is even a sight to behold along the busy avenue of Roxas Blvd. And still, the prestigious condo twin towers seamlessly integrate a live-work-play way of life by enhancing its breathtaking amenities.

The Patio has an adult pool and a kiddie pool with pool lounges. The pools are elevated and give you an astonishing view of the skyline of Pasay City. The property also has a multi-purpose hall, garden lounges, children’s play area, viewing deck, indoor gym), and a jogging path. The condominium is well-secured as you enter the gate. There is uniformed personnel manning the area 24/7 with securities cameras in strategic places to enhance security. Each unit is equipped with a fire alarm and water sprinkler systems to secure your lives and properties.

  • Children's Play Area
  • Adult and Kiddie Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Indoor Gym
  • Open Lounge
  • Roof Deck
  • Landscaped Areas
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